Isaac Matthews

Isaac Matthews is an engineer with the Millennium Engineering and Integration Company in NASA Ames’s Mission Design Center. There, he has worked on projects ranging from the test development of an advance power conversion system called an RTPV (radioisotopic thermal photovoltaic), to the LEAF-Lite Program (laser enhanced arc jet facility) – a facility development program to test entry systems for the Orion capsule (to be used in the manned-mission to Mars).

His passion for space and aeronautics has been evident from his previously held appointmentsconducting research on electric and ion propulsion systems at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), and aeromechanics analysis and jet engine control systems development at GE Aviation. However, he is equally passionate about mentoring and contributing to the development of an ecosystem of diverse engineers and scientists, uniquely capable of addressing the pressing challenges of the day and of the future; he unflinchingly credits the role of mentors, family, and a positive peer group with his continued progress.

Isaac received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland – Baltimore County as a Meyerhoff Scholar, and a dual masters in nuclear engineering and the Technology and Policy Program from MIT. Isaac will be continuing his graduate studies in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University focusing on the development of statistical learning and decision making frameworks for air and space traffic management systems.