Kendra Desrosiers

I was that sixth grader who made a website instead of a poster board for their English project. For years, I’ve been a tech early adopter, pop culture hound and undercover over lover of gifs.

Currently this manifests itself in my current gig at YouTube where I’m launching a global scaled social business program for top partners to connect with each other and the YouTube team.

I also advise startups and events on social media and digital strategy. Recently, I lead the social media, blog and mobile technology team for the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (2700+ attendees)—named by Fast Company as one of the most innovative sports companies in 2012 and even got a shout-out in an episode of “The Office.”

I enjoy reconnecting with past colleagues and alumni as well as meeting new, interesting people so feel free to connect with me here or find me on Twitter (@KD). If you’re like the NBA or rapper Young Jeezy, you might mistake me for pro-baller Kevin Durant. Those tweets are the most fun.