Marlon Nichols

Marlon Nichols is an Investment Director at Intel Capital (iCap) and Founding Partner at Cross Culture Ventures (CCV). CCV is an early stage venture capital firm with a focus on ‘cultural’ investing.  At Intel Capital Marlon leads investments in women and minority led technology startups through iCap’s Diversity Fund.  As a member of the Software and services investment sector, Marlon also invests in cutting edge software companies.  Prior to joining the Diversity Fund, Marlon championed the seed stage investment program for the Ultrabook and Perceptual Computing investment sector. Specifically, Marlon worked closely with the startup ecosystem to source, invest in, and advise early stage high growth technology companies that produce cloud services, internet, and mobility solutions with an emphasis on new user experiences and perceptual computing. Marlon spent his first two years with Intel Capital focusing on enterprise software investments.

Marlon started his career in enterprise software where he successfully led the deployment of many global software and business process improvement initiatives for Fortune 100 enterprises. During his software career he was a member of a three person team based in London, UK that was responsible for the European expansion of Frictionless Commerce (FCI). After exiting FCI via acquisition to SAP, Marlon joined Edgewater Strategy, a boutique consulting firm where he led post M&A technology integration initiatives for the Blackstone Group’s real-estate division. Later, in the role of principal strategist, he led digital strategy initiatives for media companies such as Warner Music Group and McGraw Hill.  Prior to joining Intel Capital Marlon served as the Lead Fund Manager of BRV, Cornell University’s evergreen venture capital fund.

Marlon is a Kauffman Fellow, holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University and an MBA degree from Cornell University where he was a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow.