Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Ricardo is the founder and CEO of VOIQ Inc., an ondemand Sales Callforce. Clients like Airbnb and Stanford University no longer have to build their own outbound call center or go through the hassle of hiring one. Instead, in minutes, they can launch thousands of calls carried out by thousands of professional call agents who work from the VOIQ app on their mobile phone from home throughout the US. Ricardo’s venture is backed by the most prestigious tech investor/accelerator in the world, YCombinator.

Ricardo is also the founder of the group of the Top 20 Latino Tech Leaders in the US, a group comprised of $2.1B in company exits. Ricardo was recognized in 2015 as a Latin Innovator by the Aspen Institute in Washington D.C., and was a featured speaker at the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit at Stanford University. He also has been a member of the delegation of the Department of State and the Aspen Institute, exploring the investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

Prior to VOIQ, Ricardo was an Associate at the NYC Mayor’s Office developing the 2015 technology blueprint for New York City. He also led the technology efforts of the campaign of mayor Angel Taveras: the first Latino mayor of the City of Providence, RI.

Ricardo has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in Politics from NYU. He is a member of the advisory council of the World Policy Institute, a Consortium Fellow, a Management Leaders for Tomorrow (MLT) Fellow, and a 2013 Council of Urban Professionals Fellow. He is the President of the Scarsdale Alumni Association, and was recently a guest at the White House reception for Latino leaders. Ricardo is also an active contributor to the Huffington Post.